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High culture takes second place in Munich to indie rock

Interesting commentary today in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Time was, says Beate Wild, when people came to the Bavarian capital for opera and concerts. But that’s so 20th century.

There is now a distinctive counter-culture. This coming weekend there will be three major indie events in the centre of the city, with hardcore bands and hot DJs. The absence of Anna Netrebko will not be noticed.

Counter-culture, says Ms Wild, brings in more visitors and cash than the State Opera and Philharmonic put together.

Read on here and discuss.

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  1. The article is a bit of a puff piece about pop culture in Munich. (The archly conservative city is always trying to look hip.) The truth is that there are seven fulltime orchestras in Munich: Bavarian State Radio, Munich Phil, Bavarian State Opera Orchestra (ca. 135 members,) Bavarian Radio Entertainment Orchestra (facing elimination,) Gärtnerplatz Opera Orchestra, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Munich Symphoniker.

    Plus two fulltime Opera houses: The Bavarian State Opera and the Gärtnerplatz Opera
    Plus three huge, fulltime spoken theaters: Kammerspiele, Volkstheater, and Residenz Theater.
    Plus the enormous Deutsches Theater for traveling shows
    Plus about 30 small “private” theaters.

    I seriously doubt pop culture in Munich generates so much economic activity. I would like to see documented numbers. Given its history and mentality, I wouldn’t want to live in Munich ever again, but they do have a lot of “high culture.”

  2. Musiker says:

    Beate Wild writes a night life colum for the Sueddeutsche and since the article is purely an opinion piece, with no official statistics or sources to back her up, I don’t see her remarks should be viewed as anything other than an attempt by someone who probably has little interest in classical music and opera to run down “high culture”.

  3. It is often interesting to read such words as counter-culture – especially “high culture “classical music – How can anything be counter culture . isn’t classical music but a period in time – not having interest in opera certainly
    does not mean one is running down opera as “high culture ” it could reflect an attention to more important human
    endevours than opera if one is to go by the latest lunacy from the Met . What exactly is “high culture ” and
    who declares it to be that.? It certainly can’t be opera if one has ever attended a performance and watched the
    shrieking goings on when a” star performer” hits a top note to please the at times strange crowd, especially at
    Mad Lucy -the author of that story claimed never to have remembered how he got to write it ,he claimed
    to have been stoned out of his mind and would never have written it sober . So much for high culture .

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