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Just in: Berlin Philharmonic joins campaign to save German orchestras

They have signed on to, giving a huge morale boost to Duisburg, Freiburg and several other ensembles that are threatened with imminent liquidation. Here’s the screenshot:

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  1. Great news! Hopefully many people put their signature under this petition…seems like Germany is gambling with the orchestras right now

  2. Rosana Martins says:

    There is hope if all the major orchestras and institutions in Germany join forces!

  3. disgruntled redundant orchestra musician says:

    While a few brave individuals from the Concertgebouw orchestra have been very supportive of their colleagues, the organisation as such hasn’t seen fit to say a single word in the matter of the dismantling of the orchestral infrastructure of the Netherlands. The Berliners deserve a round of applause.

  4. We need this kind of leadership from America’s top budget orchestras.

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