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How Renee Fleming became a world star, by her former record boss

Evans Mirageas gave Ms Fleming her first record contract 20 years ago and has been her close friend and adviser for much of that time. Here, in a new post, he reflects on the sources of her unparallelled success. For instance:

What is the constant? Sheer hard work, total dedication, an iron will to succeed and standards that she sets for herself that are pretty darn high. We used to laugh at the fact that she lives by a famous Martha Graham quote which reads in part: “No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever, at any time There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.”

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  1. richard carlisle says:

    With unlimited capabilities she’s hardly ready to stop exploring and innovating!

  2. Wanderer says:

    Nobody has unlimited capabilites. But using what we have wisely and with discipline and perseverance is certainly her key to success.

    • I would also say that she knows herself. She was criticized years ago for her PR savvy and ambition and now is criticized for repertory choices. Yet, she continues on and has created a unique and special career that has transcended the opera world. Had she listened to her critics, she would likely be less successful (or differently so), or at least would not be as happy as she seems to be in her life today.

  3. TexasGal says:

    Mr. Mirageas was lucky to sign Miss Fleming to a recording contract when he did. In my opinion she is the consummate artist dedicated to her art and the artistic community and a very gracious lady to boot.

    The lady has worked and continues to work hard and deliver the goods for her audiences and the other artists with whom she performs. Critics are paid to criticize and seem to feel they aren’t doing their jobs if they can’t find something to write about that would have been better done another way. She looks for challenges, takes risks, innovates with new music. You can’t please everyone so you’d best please yourself…then at least one person is happy.

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