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Exclusive: Bach’s hometown ensemble is saved

We’re hearing from the concertmaster in Eisenach that two million Euros have miraculously been found to save the theatre from instant closure. As musicians arrived at 4pm for a crisis meeting with the town council, says Seth Taylor, ‘we entered the building and saw this surreal document.’

Worldwide protests and social media were, he assures us, highly instrumental in averting the decree.

We’re absolutely thrilled by the news.

UPDATE: More here.

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  1. Branimir says:

    And who was the saviour? The state or some generous and noble individual?

  2. Glorious country!

  3. I expect printed matter of all kinds will return within the next 50-70 years.
    The world has lost much and current mentality does not admit it.

  4. Let’s hope the “saviour” has a lot more money left to either bail out Greece or prevent the effects of a Greek Euro exit and the country’s ensuing bankruptcy.

    So long as the Germans can fiddle while the Eurozone burns all is good.

    Pardon my sarcasm. I’m happy for the musicians in Eisenach, but sometimes I get the feeling that people in the European arts industry don’t get the broader picture so long as they get their government funding.

    Europe needs to grant full tax deductions for donations to arts institutions given by individuals and corporations. Musicians and other artists should lobby for this as well as for state funding to be maintained. In the long run that will probably be more beneficial than relying on a one-source funding model.

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