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Breaking: German culture minister attacks cuts to arts institutions

Bernd Neumann, who rewrote the definition of public funding from state subsidy to state investment, has come out fighting this morning at a four-day meeting of the German Museums Association in Stuttgart.

The German culture minister declared that it is wrong to cut culture and every one of Gemrnay’s 700 museums must be preserved – this, at a time when five orchestras are under threat of imminent closure. More people attended museums in Germany, he added, than went to professional football matches.

He added: ‘I have made ​​sure that the annual subsidy was increased by the federal government since last year by a third. But decent financing can not just be a federal matter, it must also be in the common interest of the country. It is a moral issue.’

This man is not a Hunt. We like Bernd Neumann, and so does Angela Merkel.

More here (auf Deutsch).

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