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When a Youtube hoax turns to fraud

Much innocent fun was had the other week from the inventions of a Chicago musician who posted on Youtube what he claimed were unknown pieces by Mozart, Haydn and Mendelssohn.  The resultant debate was both entertaining and illuminating. Thousands of readers, myself included, are now better equipped to tell real Mozart from fake.

Now take a look at this:

The video appears under the title  ‘Mozart 1st French horn concerto shreds’. On film you see Daniel Barenboim conducting the Berlin Philharmonic, with principal horn Radek Baborak as soloist in the first Mozart concerto. What you hear is an ugly overlay by an amateur horn player of limited puff who mimics Baborak and produces what he describes as a parody and a fake. ‘Shreds’ is apparently the online term for this sort of thing.

Is it worth getting upset about?

Your views, please.

Here’s one  more… reportedly the most famous classical shred.


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  1. ‘shredding’ is a fairly big online phenomenon Norman, though normally it’s rock bands that are shredded. It’s funny- don’t take it too seriously!

    Here’s a great example of led zep being shredded:

  2. Can’t believe you’ve only just heard about this. Did you not see the Yo-Yo Ma shredding at the Obama inauguration with Perlman etc? Google it.. …welcome to the Internet…..mostly time wasting.

  3. This is pretty old and, as far as I know, no one has got upset about it. There have been some really great ones, such as this:

  4. And here’s my own favourite, although I’m sure all violas do actually sound like this anyway :-)

  5. Purely a comedy phenomenon. My favourite: [youtube

  6. Since it’s so grossly and obviously “bad”, I can hardly imagine anyone getting upset about this. Most people doing these videos actually intend them as a tribute to the artist in question. It has been around for some years now and I suppose the artists would have let it known if they felt insulted.

    Some professionals even enjoy some shredding of their own, as this celebrity of the past demonstrates (I suppose you know the video):


  7. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    Shreds are fraud now? LOL
    Really! If so, how do you call “live” albums that are 50% studio?

    This one is sublime!

  8. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    This one of Zimmerman is so good.

    Reminds me composer and jazzman Jacques Loussier playing Chopin’s Minute Waltz

  9. If you’ve ever leafed through a rock guitar magazine, you’ll know that “shredding” refers to soloing in a manner which shows off how technically amazing you are; which just makes it all the funnier.

  10. Stanley Slome says:

    My first experience in seeing shredding. I think it’s hilariously funny and it does take considerable skill
    to overlay the musicians.

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