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UPDATE: Sarah Chang is given a hard time at Moscow airport.

Sarah Chang, the US-Korean violinist, tweets in distress:

- I’m stuck at Russian immigration! They say sthing is wrong with my visa! What?!!!

- The office always does my visas and its never,ever been a problem so I don’t know what they r talking about.and they took my passport away!!

- Seriously,if there’s a problem,send me home.Really.I haven’t been home in months.just give me back my passport!!

- If u don’t want me in ur country,that’s fine,really and truly!no hard feelings.just give me back my passport+let me go home, then!!

UPDATE: At 4.20 pm London time Sarah tweeted:
- All sorted! They gave me my passport back and said it was a stupid mistake. Sigh
- Thank u,everyone,for being so kind+supportive!Having ur passport taken away from u for 2 hours w no explanation isn’t fun to go thru alone
- I am amazed at the speed and power of social media. Wow. Thank u, everyone!
More here.
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  1. She just tweeted that everything is fine!

  2. Wanderer says:

    Seriously, waiting for two hours in immigration, possibly passport taken away and background checks, is THE NORM for non-citizens traveling to the US these days.

    Maybe her name was on some “Terrorist” list. …

  3. I am glad this nightmare is over for her. I can imagine how scared she must have been. Poor kid.

  4. Rosana Martins says:

    Having one’s passport taken away for 2h with no explanation can be very stressing. I am glad the problem was solved.
    BTW, Wanderer, I have never had my Brazilian passport taken away by US immigration and all background checks are made before they issue one’s visa.

    • Benedict Lea says:

      I have had my passport taken from me without explanation 3 times upon entry to the US (I am Australan but have been playing violin with the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra for 25 years). As for Russia, NO COMMENT!

  5. Geez! Why is Sarah always getting in trouble?
    This is just stupid! Glad she got it sorted out, though!

  6. Unfortunately officialdom is the same the world over and not just in Russia. I have travelled to St Petersburg on numerous occasions and never had any problems. Indeed they have always been the most helpful and generous of people. I hope Sarah will focus on the good memories of the country and not this moment of upset.

  7. These idiots!

  8. Wait till you come to the USA and deal with our Idiot TSA inspectors it can take hours just to get thru the gate to sit for the plane another 3 hours. They also take your nail clippers, water, and seek a reason to do body search’s. I no longer fly, You can keep your miles points.

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