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The naked violinist claims she was deceived by journalists

A row has broken out between Analiza Ching, the Britain’s Got Talent contestant, and the photographer who shot her in the buff, just about covered by her fiddle. Ching says the pics were never meant to be published and brought shame on her family back home. The photographer and reporter say they have emails from her expressing delight when the pictures were printed in newspapers.

Meantime, the Simon Cowell racket goes ching, ching, ching…

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  1. mark winn says:

    Who is this non-entity? Not good enough for a junior string orchestra for certain, so why are the guillible falling for this trash?? God help serious musicians……..

  2. Since she is apparently counting on an audience without ears, she can’t be blaimed for trying to aim at their eyes.

  3. Hmm. I just hope she’s never invited to a Prom…

  4. violasrule says:

    Not sure if it’s the pictures that are bringing her family shame or her violin playing!

  5. Oh dear God!..have deliberately avoided listening to her actually play, and now all I can think is that she’s the Florence Foster Jenkins of the violin world….without the irony.

  6. OMG! This is as bad as Pop Star to Opera Star. Is her family not ashamed that she dresses and acts like a hooker on stage, never mind having her picture taken with her intimate parts judiciously covered by a violin?

    What’s next? Will she be the first violinist to do a back flip while playing?

    Oh the humanity!

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