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The clarinet mourns: Hacker is gone

Alan Hacker, sometime principal clarinet of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and longtime adveturer in contemporary music, died on April 16 at the age of 73. He was among the founders with Birtwistle and Maxwell Davies, of the Fires of London and, despite an illness that confined him for many years to a wheelchair, he continued to push out musical boundaries.

Here is an appreciation by his parish magazine. And here’s the sound of Alan in action.

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  1. He was in a wheelchair for a lot longer than 16 years – I remember seeing him in the 70′s – and the parish magazine suggests it was from 66. Unless he stopped using it?

  2. Daniel Rye says:

    One of the true originals of the musical world. I remember playing in a masterclass during the royal wedding of Charles and Di while most other students on the course were huddled around the TV. Alan Hacker took his music seriously, but he did so with humour and passion.

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