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The Big Brother risk to British arts

Not one British newspaper has reported the appointment of Sir Peter Bazalgette, the Big Brother mogul, to the chairmanship of English National Opera. Busy news day, no doubt, but they need to wake up to the danger.

Bazalgette has made no secret of his ambitions. He is keen to fill another cultural vacancy, the chairmanship of Arts Council England, and will use his ENO seat over the next few months to further that aspiration.

He is a cynical operator of no known values. Having practically destroyed the right of privacy in his Big Brother exploitation of the simple-minded, he is described in his Wiki entry (presumably by himself or with his approval) as a ‘media expert’ and a writer on ‘privacy and the internet’.

Unless the press do due diligence on this modern media Widmerpool who has polluted the well of national culture, there is no telling how high he may yet rise on a tide of astute political donations. Stop Bazalgette now, before it’s too late.



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  1. Kenneth Griffin says:

    From your blog last week:- “So why was (Liz Forgan) sacked? Hunt gives a clue in his statement this morning: ‘The next chair of the Arts Council will have to steer the organisation and the sector through another challenging period, in particular in increasing the amount of private giving to the arts, and encouraging the sector to make the most of technological changes. I am confident that we will find the right person for the job, and confident that our arts and culture will remain the envy of the world.’”

    Sir Peter would seem to fit those two particular job requirements like a glove. And who can forget Big Brother’s musical presentation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Pie Jesu in Michelle Bass’s interpretation?

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