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Update: we name the Youtube classical hoaxer

The man who has been perpetrating intelligent, mildly imperfect copies of great classics on Youtube has confirmed his identity. He is a Chicago lawyer, Dmitry Feofanov.

Originally from Moscow, he trained as a pianist and conductor, developing a taste for such difficult esoterica as Alkan’s solo piano concerto and a concerto by Stenhammar which he rediscovered. He is presently working on the revival of the little-known Preludes of J. W. Hässler.

As a lawyer he has been hotly involved in the musicological battle over truth or falsity in Solomon Volkov’s Testimony: the memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich. He has also achieved unintended fame as the husband and partner of America’s second most celebrated paralegal (after Erin Brockovich). He is, you may well conclude, a totally serious man with a streak of unsuppressable frivolity, a mischievous polymath.

UPDATE: Dmitry Feofanov and his paralegal, Daniella Atencia-Feofanov. New photos, received from source.

As for the musical hoaxes on Youtube, Dmitry assures us that all of them were hallmarked with his initials to keep the business honest. ‘Every fake opus number had a letter that came with it–either “d” or “f”, and the Mozart key sequence of the movements was D-f#-D, and the Mozart fake opus number was the same as the “Adelaide” concerto, which was hoaxed by Casadesus.’

So there you have it. We hope you have enjoyed the hoaxes.

Here, for the high-minded among you, is Dmitry playing the Alkan concerto da camera. He sounds like my kinda lawyer.

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  1. tgjolley says:

    the hoaxes were an amusement and it is a pity he was outed so soon.

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