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Just in: Kim stars in a scratch night for opera

A young friend of mine is organising a one-night show this Sunday of new opera ventures. Details here.

One 20-minute piece by Adam Dixon will be sung by the fabulous Korean-American countertenor, Justin Kim. Try this for size.

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  1. Kim is a typical Korean last name. It’s surprising Justin Kim is a Chinese.

  2. Certain of his gestures and postures remind me of 18th century drawings and caricatures of castrati on the operatic stage. Would love to hear — and see him — in full Baroque regalia spouting Handelian roulades.

  3. Oops…! Could this be a case of ‘they all look the same to me’? This guy is definitely not chinese, but a Korean-American. Even the script on the video is Korean!
    Quite well known for his hilarious parody Kimchilia Bartoli

  4. He is a korean-american, I’m sure and even what he is singing is a korean art song. You can find his another video clips on youtube.

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