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Just in: Cinc’y choose successor to Paavo Järvi

They have taken two years to decide, but the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra reckon they’ve got the right man.

It’s Louis Langrée, of Mostly Mozart. More here.

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  1. Daniel Farber says:

    Louis Langree has impressed me each time I have heard him, and was especially strong in the pit for a Met Opera Don Giovanni two years ago. Prediction: the Boston Symphony’s search will take MORE than 27 months and will not pull off a result as good.

    • harold braun says:

      Well,I don`t know! Mr.Langree has a fine reputation for doing baroque and classical repertory,but I find him less convincing in 19th and 20th century music.

  2. Following Paavo Jarvi will be no small challenge.

  3. tgjolley says:

    someone needs to come up with some new descriptions rather than the formulaic “elegant harness of emotion” or “music and air being what we breath”, it is trite to keep saying what everyone knows it is true.

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