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Just in: Bayreuth sacks one in three stage crew

Local reports say one in three has not been rehired from last year. Katie Wagner confirms there has been ‘high fluctuation’, but won’t say why.

It can’t be to save costs – there are fixed union rates. Something must be going on backstage that has not yet come to light.


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  1. Wanderer says:

    It has come to light, it says in your very linked article:

    “Hintergrund der Absage von insgesamt rund 25 Mitarbeitern seien die vertraglichen Rahmenbedingungen: In diesem Jahr habe die Festspielleitung die vertraglich geregelte Wochenarbeitszeit von 57,5 auf 45 Stunden herabgesetzt. „So schaffen wir unsere Arbeit nicht mehr“, sagte Angebrandt dem Kurier. „Und es lohnt sich auch nicht mehr für uns.“

    The stage crew weekly hours were reduced from 57.5 to 45 by management, effectively a big pay reduction for the individual. “That way we will not be able to do our work anymore and it is also not lucrative for us anymore” said Angebrandt.

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