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How to sell your orchestra, part 5 – with a stalker? Not sure.

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  1. Emil Archambault says:

    Ok…that’s just creepy and annoying. Just looks like some other metro/subway/underground musician, definitely not like a publicity stunt by a world class orchestra.

  2. John Soloninka says:

    Sadly…the lack of context and low-level busker-quality playing would not encourage anyone to want to hear more in a more formal setting.

  3. The sound of that violin is not something that would make me show up in the audience. It is also very long.

  4. I quite like it, especially with the traffic warden getting some tetchy music and then with the girl on the steps looking a bit sad getting some melancholic notes. Kinda gave me the impression as i watched the video that music is all around us and that it can mirror our thoughts n feelings… Anyways, the OAE`s Nightshift series of concerts in pubs around London is well worth a look/listen – really brings classical music into the community, gets new fans and i think is worth praising. The video got me checking it all out online so it did the trick for 1 person at least!

  5. People!! That’s OAE! why, everything they do is just so……cool.



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