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Digital classical radio: the most comprehensive list yet

This just in from Steve Bowbrick, Head of Digital at BBC Radio 3 and BBC Proms.

Hi Norman,

Liked your post about classical stations online. Thought this might be of some use: my Twitter list of ‘World Classical Stations’. Fifty-odd on there now, including the ones in your feature (where they have Twitter accounts):!/bowbrick/world-classical-stations/members

Of course, when you’re talking about digital listening, I think Radio 3′s HD stream (320K AAC) – sadly unavailable to your Canadian
contributor – is about as good as digital listening gets! But then I would say that.

I’d also want to plug WQXR’s ‘living composers only’ Q2 stream: which is outstanding.



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  1. I agree. Q2 is excellent.

    How strict is the “living composers only” rule, I wonder … Do John Cage and Morton Feldman really never get any time on the playlist? When, say, John Tavener dies, will he become ineligible?

    (I had been going to use Elliott Carter as an example, but Carter isn’t really Q2′s style – and I’m starting to wonder if dear old Uncle Elliott will outlive us all!)

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