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Cologne Opera boss may be sacked over threat to cancel season

Uwe Eric Laufenberg, who last week warned that he might have to cancel next season for lack of funds, is having his contract reviewed by the city’s ruling coalition. There are suggestions in the press that he was keen to throw in the towel and the city is talking of an early opt-out in 2013.

One way or other, the scare headlines have focussed world attention on a rising differential in German opera, between the Bayreuth and Berlin haves and the growing body of have-nots. For that, Laufenberg will have earned a small place in history.

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  1. The Cologne Opera may be among the “have-less”, but certainly they don’t rank among the “have-nots” in Germany. But you are perfectly right to point out that there is a huge discrepancy between the houses that have huge budgets and the ones, which are supposed to provide cultural quality for the politically less priviledged regions of our country on ever dwindling funding.

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