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Barcelona are naming a street after Arnold Schoenberg. Go, Barca!

No offence to Madrid, but they deserve to win the Champions Cup for this.

The great man lived at la bajada de Briz, nº. 22-24 from October 1931 to July 1932. Barcelona had been recommended as a good place for treating his asthma and Berlin was politically too turbulent for comfort. His stay in Barcelona was organised by Roberto Gerhard (1896-1970), an important composer who has rather fallen out of the limelight. There’s a Gerhard conference in Barcelona this week, organised by the Centre for New Music Research at Huddersfield, and they are marking it with a street naming for Schoenberg.


Here’s a little early Gerhard to start your day.


And here’s the real adult stuff

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  1. Sorry, Norman, but the text you link to does not say they will name the street after Arnold Schönberg – they will inaugurate a commemorative plaque at the house where he lived.

    But tonight we’ll beat Chelsea anyway…

  2. Don’t forget Roberto Gerhard’s beautiful, dark Piano Concerto. He is unjustly forgotten.

  3. Ramires ” el toreador “

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