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Netrebko auditions for Tina at the Daily Beast

In a sign of the shifting balance of media power, Anna Netrebko turned out to perform for Tina Brown’s Women in the World promotion on the Beast.

I cannot remember a major diva ever doing that for a print newspaper, can you?

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  1. Jamison Livsey says:

    The accompanying article states:

    “Toward the end of her performance, she drew out a stunning B-flat (according to her manager) that caught everyone’s breath.”

    Unless I’m off, she performed it in original key with a drawn out A-flat, right? Was it a mere miscommuncation then, or would her manager intentionally mislead? Or not know know what key the piece is in?

  2. From reading about the event, it seems that Netrebko performed a special performance for those at the event to lend her support.

    I don’t think it was her best performance, by far, but give her credit for standing up for the cause of the event. There are many sopranos who do the same for causes and charities, I believe.

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