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Malaysian press soft-pedals orchestral demolition

A first article has appeared in the Star, downplaying the nine dismissals from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The sackings are now being blamed on an unspecified ‘restructuring’ and on ‘the music director’s advice’.

That would be Claus Peter Flor. There are all sorts of unpleasant allegations flying around in comments to Slipped Disc as to why Flor hired a female concertmaster who was rejected by the rest of the orchestra.

This whole saga does no credit to Malaysia or the orchestra’s patrons at Petronas. It needs to be clarified and put to rights.


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  1. Very concerned says:

    The quote from Petronas Board member Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas is interesting:

    “We have to rely on other people to manage it. Sometimes, we feel that we are being led up the garden path by some people because of this.”

    It reveals that even at the level of the Petronas Board of Directors they know that they are being sold a bill of goods by current CEO Puan Nor Raina Yeong Abdullah.

    One wonders how much longer the top levels of Petronas management will tolerate the profligate and disingenuous behavior going on under their noses. Surely they are starting to feel the international embarrassment?

  2. just a thought says:


    … the decision to renew or end a contract is made by MPO based on the music director’s advice…

    …Petronas board member Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas said it did not have much experience when it came to music as it was not its “core business”.
    “We have to rely on other people to manage it. Sometimes, we feel that we are being led up the garden path’ by some people because of this,” he said.


    I find the last sentence most interesting.
    Did Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas and the board realize that C.P.Flor’s actions are not in the interest of the orchestra and Petronas?
    That would be a milestone.

  3. Gerald Novak, former principal percussionist, stated on record about “…the short East German sociopath …” who has now found that “…management … will still fire his sorry … at the end of the day”. The day has come sooner than imagined. Sociopath. Has Novak hit the nail on the head, do you think?

    • Gerald Novak says:

      Lest anyone misunderstand the above post, I left my position with the MPO voluntarily at the end of 2006 after over 8 years of service under Kees Bakels and Matthais Bamert after being offered employment in my home country. I had the opportunity to work with Flor twice as a guest conductor during my time there and found him to be a talented bully, given to rages one moment and sweetness and light the next. The statement “Lady” refers to appears to be a comment I made on a friend’s Facebook page over a year ago when Flor and the MPO management terminated Bakel’s engagement as Conductor Laureate. Together, they have now eliminated musicians that they seemingly viewed as threats to how they would like to operate. If’ Lady, who clearly has a defined agenda of her own based on “her” anonymous comments on this article and others, wants to drag my name into this mess she had better supply proper context. I stand by my casual observance, which is that at the end of the day when DFP and Petronas no longer need Flor, they will fire his sorry ass at the end of the day.
      Oh, and I’m pretty sure he’s short and East German. I guess the term sociopath is kind of an opinion thing.

      • another orchestra musician says:

        Well put, Gerald. And to all current MPO musicians who may be tempted to post opinions online, even under guise of anonymity, heads up: the Malaysian government, by admission of the Home Minister, Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, possesses Internet monitoring capability and actively makes use of it. Computers routed through any of Malaysia’s public Internet providers are an open book to Malaysia’s Internet sleuths, who, again by admission of the Home Minister, also are tasked with participating in online discussions and social networking sites. Might the sleuths be posting in this very forum, looking to see who engages them in debate? It is certainly possible.

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