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Just up: Award winning pianist plays airport terminal after 20-hour flight

Ingrid Fliter, a Gilmore laureate, got off a flight at Minneapolis. She saw a grand piano and couldn’t resist.

The outcome? Chopin’s Minute Waltz became every traveller’s last call.


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  1. Security! Security! Out-of-tune piano at domestic arrivals!

  2. Petros Linardos says:

    Wonderfully playing.

    Norman, are you sure Fliter won a Grawemeyer? I know of the 2006 Gilmore Award.

  3. Yea, Ingrid! We pianists tend to do things like this–what fun!!

  4. Alexander Fiterstein says:

    I see that piano often at MSP airport, maybe it’s time for a clarinet recital in the terminal.

  5. Clyde McConnell says:

    Great fun, and no hat for loose change.

  6. You see, if the camera started moving, seemingly all by itself; we could try to determine whether it was security and/or the thieves carting off her luggage, which it (the camera) was attached to. That’s assuming that there’s a difference between the two (the security and the thieves) and/or that they’re separate from each other, which seems to be impossible, even when you’re not one of them. Of course it might just be rubato: Rubato (roo-BAH-toe) [It., stolen]. A practice common in Romantic compositions of taking part of the duration from one note and giving it to another. It involves the …

  7. OK, I was completely wrong. She had her luggage with her the whole time. Somehow I thought she had left it with the camera, so if it (the camera) started moving off the luggage went with it, which wasn’t the case.

    Would this make an interesting movie, if the camera had been left with the luggage and this started being carted off, by some unknown entity during the waltz? Would this express the life struggles and vulnerability of traveling virtuosi and what happens when one just wants to share some music?

    But you see, if I’m making this up, I get to be the thieves and or security; although I would never do anything like that and have no paranoia for security people…

    Please, excuse my attempt at humor, as well…

  8. Now if only airports would also include electric guitars, basses and drums, we could get a whole rendition of “Jessica” going.

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