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Hot new video: Bocelli rehearsing Alagna’s signature role (parental advisory)

We’ve just been sent vid of Andrea Bocelli rehearsing Roméo et Juliette in Genoa. His French is unlikely to win a presidential election and his vibrato is a public safety risk (if this was Naples, it might cause a Vesuvian eruption). Neither M Sarkozy nor M Alagna has much to fear.

Parents of sensitive children, watch with care. The rest of you, enjoy.

Cast details: Andrea Bocelli, Maite Alberola, Alessandra Marianelli
al Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova in Roméo et Juliette
Opera in cinque atti di Jules Barbier e Michel Carré
Musica di Charles Gounod

UPDATE here.

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  1. Petros Linardos says:

    Is there something wrong with my ears or is Bocelli’s singing a joke? I have never heard such substandard singing, so out of tune, so unstable in tone color, so unremarkable musically. Would Bocelli be allowed to enter a major conservatory if auditions were blind?

  2. Anybody else see the irony of this video beginning with a statement that live opera is “3D” all the time? Everybody in the auditorium with glasses . . .

  3. Paul Ricchi says:

    Bocelli an opera sing singer? E vecchia fiaba che anchor la beve il popolo!  

  4. Harold Braun says:

    Terrible!!!Andre Previn put it right some months ago in an interview with Jüdische Allgemeine,when he said,”the man can`t sing.It`s not that he sings good or bad,he just can`t sing”.Let`s leave it to that.Period.

  5. Emil Archambault says:

    Actually, his French is quite good. His voice and his singing, on the other hand…are a joke.

  6. Paul Gudas says:

    His singing aside…and I am not a huge fan of his operatic ventures….HOW is he going to handle the sword fights? Sighted Romeos are sometimes a danger to their colleagues on stage with blades flashing, but a BLIND Romeo? Is Tybalt going to run into his sword?
    This is an accident and a major law suit waiting to happen….In Concert, maybe….Bjoerling, Corelli, Gedda, Kraus, Alagna, he is NOT….even if he IS an attraction.
    This IS the Sad Evidence of Publicity Overcoming Reality……

  7. Andrew Powell says:

    It is odd that Fabio Luisi has endorsed this and was scheduled to conduct some of the performances.

  8. Norbert Lagrass says:

    To be recorded and released on DECCA

  9. It is truly a sad occasion when a storied opera house like the Teatro Carlo Felice has to resort to stunts to bring attention to their opera house. Boccelli’s past forays into the World of opera, including a Werther in Detroit were roundly panned and not for acting, but his poor singing. It is all the more disturbing, as these events occured a decade, or more ago and the years have not been kind to his voice. Without projection, his voice which is very small is lost, even in smaller venues. If this video is any indication of what one might expect to hear in performance, it will truly be a fiasco, he bleats like a billy goat, he reaches for every note above the baritone range. Last year, Peter Gelb produced a lieder concert with Boccelli and it was roundly panned…..of course his coterie of Long Island and New Jersey housewives came, dragging their husbands along and were greeted by a fish so out of water. Read Zachary Wolfe’s review which describes the travesty last February..

  10. Previn is right, Bocelli cannot sing, period. It is OK for the opening of a soccer game, more in the league ofPaul Potts, but not for an opera house staging.

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