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Boos at Royal Opera’s Marks & Spencer underwear (or was it Primark?)

The new Rusalka at Covent Garden got loudly booed for its state of perpetual undress. The show is set in a small-town brothel, nothing new in that. Patrons claimed to be offended by the scanties, or so they told the Telegraph. The saved their pent-up boos for the design team (check video at 3:10).

So what was the fuss about?

Take a look at those sweat pants and scruffy bras. They don’t look like proper M&S. Someone’s been saving shekels at the ROH and spending petty cash at Primark, right? Maybe Oxfam, even. Not pretty. People paid up to £200 ($320) a seat. They expect to see nice lingerie.

If you want to know more about the rationale, Jessica Duchen interviews the grunge-chic director, Sergio Morabito here.

UPDATE: I’ve just remembered I saw the original production in Salzburg four years ago and was so horribly ill afterwards that I blotted it from mind.

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  1. Emil Archambault says:

    Read Intermezzo’s review. She explains it all, and it seems very interesting.

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