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A Syrian pianist commands my attention

With Europe averting its eyes from the Syrian slaughter as it once did from Sarajevo, it cannot be easy to be a musician of Syrian extraction, living in France and trying to focus on the keyboard.

Racha Arodaky is the kind of artist who makes me sit up and listen to every finger-stroke. I first came across her a couple of years back in Handel. Here’s her new Bach release – but who knows?

Outside of France, she has no representation, no profile. Someone needs to put her on a bigger stage.

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  1. Syrian slaughter Norman?
    What do you think would happen if the ‘others’ take over. Seriously?
    Yep: a slaughter of a greater amplitude starting with the christian population and then further on with the others.
    The so called Arab spring is a big lie and total disaster.

  2. Freddy, please, let’s talk about music, listen to her wonderful piano playing !

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