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Just in: Darmstadt fires its music director

Constantin Trinks, 36, got his marching orders after a falling out with intendant John Dew. They don’t mess about in Darmstadt: one word out of order and you’re out.

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  1. “one word out of order and you’re out”

    Sounds like the bad old days of the avant garde live on!

  2. It is a SHAME! Constantin Trinks is a VERY gifted young conductor, I heard the most wonderful “Rosenkavalier” with him both in Darmstadt and at the Semperoper in Dresden, he will also conduct again in Munich, with Renée Fleming as Marschallin! Now Gerd Albrecht and Ralf Weikert will share HIS “RIng” performances in February and April, no reason to go to Darmstadt any more….

  3. Well, well… Constantin Trinks and his lawyer did many words out of order in public, even concerning the most intimate theatre- details. I think not even Brits would tolerate this. It’s a SHAME a young conductor should behave like this..

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