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‘Mahler would have liked Beyoncé’s music’

A reporter rang from The Sun, asking for details of the family connection between Mahler and Beyoncé Knowles, as mentioned in my book, Why Mahler?

As a condition of the interview, he promised to mention the book in Britain’s biggest mass-mammary newspaper (so known for its topless page 3).

I opened the paper this morning and found a short sentence misquoting me, right beneath the boobs.

In a lomger story online, the reporter mistitled the book, ‘Fate, death and Alma’ and made me out to have said: ‘Mahler would have liked Beyoncé’s music’. Oh, really?

You couldn’t make it up…. so that’s what The Sun does.

I think I would rather have been phone-hacked.

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  1. The language they use is hilarious (“…The Sun can reveal”).

    • They als reveal that Mahler was “remarked” as more important than Beethoven. Period. Gulp!!!!

  2. Well Norman you know what they say about “any publicity . . . ” :-)

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