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Superquick recovery on the Sheffield Cure

Graham Sheffield, who quit as head of Hong Kong’s arts development last month on urgent health grounds, has just popped up as director of arts at the British Council. Must be the wonderful Manchester climate that has restored him to full function. They should bottle it and sell it in health shops.

Seriously, he’s a great catch for the British Council, which has been in poor shape.
Here’s the story, in Classical Music mag.
And here’s the British Council press release.
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  1. “Seriously, he’s a great catch for the British Council.”
    Says who? Another BBC R3 croney seen from here. Maybe Wright will end up at the Arts Council, maybe Kenyon back at the BBC or at the South Bank. Tony Hall from the ROH? Maybe it makes no difference. Too many jokers in this pack. Big salaries, big expense accounts. You shuffle the cards, the same jokers appear.
    Jobs for the boys.

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