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Last two free classical downloads

To ease the world back into working mode, Slipped Disc presents the last pair of free tracks in the present series – a run that has attracted listeners from most corners of all five continents.

To end, here is a star pairing from the two founding indie labels, Onyx and Orchid.
By popular demand to hear more James Ehnes playing Mendelssohn, here he is again – not in the concerto but with a pack of pals attacking the presto of the Octet, possibly the most perfect piece old Felix ever wrote. Click here to download.
The other seven players are Erin Keefe, Andrew Wan, Augustin Hadelich, Cynthia Phelps, Richard O’Neill, Robert deMaine and Edward Arron.
From Orchid, we present a forthcoming release from Orchid, never yet heard on public airwaves. It’s the British pianist Martin Roscoe playing Dr Gradus ad Parnassum from Debussy’s Children’s Corner. Click here.

And that’s all, folks, for the moment. We’re assessing the free download numbers to see what implications they might have for the industry and I’ll report results when ready.
Meantime, do post below if you had a particular favourite track, or one you loathed.
All good things come to those who listen.

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  1. This has been a wonderful series, and Norman, my friends and colleagues thank you for all of the music! Whether it’s familiar pieces, different takes on standards, or brand-new compositions, it’s been a pleasure to hear this music played by people who take joy in the art and spread it to their listeners. I’ve felt for a long time that most of the really interesting stuff in classical music recording is happening these days at the independent labels, and this series shows it.
    As for a favorite, it’s VERY hard to choose. However, I’d like to give special mention to today’s Mendelssohn, which has been a favorite of mine for a long time. One of the players, cellist Robert deMaine, is a mutual Facebook friend. He and his fellow musicians from the Detroit Symphony have had some tough sledding in a labor dispute with the DSO, which is trying to handle a severe deficit by cutting musicians’ payroll. Thus, I’d like to give Robert some words of encouragement for his part in a terrific recording, and hope for the best for him and his colleagues in the New Year.

  2. Dat Big Cheeze says:

    Must have missed this the first go-rounds, so happy to snag these two. As Marie knows, I know too little about this particular genre, but have like 100+ versions of Light My Fire, go figure. I’m so deprived (I THINK that was the word the officer used!!!)

  3. Good heavens – how do you chose from such a delicious feast! But I liked the Gershwin, the Schumann, Brahms, and well, because I love music that others with more refined tastes consider cheesy – the Belkis, Queen of Sheba. But really, I haven’t listened to them enough to chose a top favorite; I’m still overwhelmed by the gift and the giver!
    The spam word for my message is “deceived” but I don’t think any of us were “deceived” in your generosity or the breadth of the offerings.

  4. What a surprise! I am glad to see that my old friend “Dat Big Cheeze” is here; I guess that passing the word about the downloads to my FB and other friends is working! To “Dat Big Cheeze” and other friends, I hope you’ll check out the other downloads as well, and spread the word. Glad that Norman is broadening your music collection and knowledge; that’s the idea! Must not be musically deprived, you know (or other similarly-spelled words)!

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