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Whatever became of Respighi?

Free classical downoad #4 is the Dream of Solomon from the Onyx recording of Respighi’s Queen of Sheba. It is played by the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra and, unless you were specifically looking for the piece, you would never know it existed.

To say it has an eastern flavour is like questioning the Pope’s Catholicism. Seldom has an orchestra sounded more attuned to the work in hand.
Here’s the link:

Respighi: Belkis, Queen of Sheba – I The Dream of Solomon
Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, Sascha Goetzel

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  1. Wow! To use an American slang expression, Norman, “This is a new one on me!” We play a fair amount of Respighi at WCNY, but I don’t think we have this one in the library. I’m asking the boss to order this one, along with the other CDs you’ve sampled for us here. Thank you again!

  2. What a plethora? cornucopia? Aladdin’s Cave (to stretch the oriental metaphor further than it really ought to go) – anyway, a whole passel of Christmas goodies and I am enjoying each and every one. Thank you!

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