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Ten music scoops of 2010

Here are ten classical music stories broken by Slipped Disc in the past year, most of them hours and sometimes a full day ahead of the world’s mass media. Some are intrinsic to the music industry and of little interest outside the classical lily pond. Others have repercussions that are still running as the year ends.

Here’s the A list, with two stings in the tail:
1 Dudamel quits his agency – twice 
2 Tenor Philip Langridge dies
3 EMI loses two classical vice-presidents
4 Germany’s two top composers kiss and make up
5 Regime change at Deutsch Grammophon: crossover Roberts gets the push
6 Both main BBC orchestras lose their chief conductors
7 Linda Brava returns – fully clothed
8 Sony grabs pound of flesh from new signings
9 Rigged entries at the Solti Conducting Competition
10 Lang Lang’s lips are forcibly sealed
…. and the year’s most talked about classical music email
Much more to come in the year ahead

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  1. Thanks for the links to the stories; I have directed people here in case they need to catch up. As for the photo at the bottom, I was trying to avoid accordion jokes after that lovely download the other day, so I will do something different, with apologies to some musical friends from Argentina. “If your bandone├│n rendition lasts more than four hours, please consult a Doctor of Music immediately to avoid lasting damage to your hearing.”

  2. It really is a nice thing to finally see Linda Lampenius being happy and feeling well after years of turmoil! She’s been on Finnish and Swedish television and radio shows a lot during the past few months because of her new Christmas release ‘Angels’. She’s also embarking on a classical concert tour in the Nordic countries with the Schloss Sch├Ânbrunn Orchester Vienna in January as the orchestra’s guest soloist. Linda’s a great example of how one can overcome serious personal and professional struggles, and find a new, better path.

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