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Journalist announces job change in gobbledygook

BBC News
Greg Wood, News Correspondent for the BBC, is to join Centrica in January as Head of Corporate Media Relations and will report to Mish Tullar, Director of Group Media Relations. In his new role, Greg will help embed Centrica’s growth story across the media highlighting its significant upstream investment programme in gas, nuclear and renewables and the transformation of British Gas from an energy utility to an energy services business. Prior to returning to London in November 2009 to take up his post as a BBC News Correspondent based at TV Centre, Greg was with the BBC in New York covering the US economy over the 2008 presidential election. Before this he was a Business Correspondent on the BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme. Until he leaves in January, Greg can be reached

Hallo there! Significant upstream investment programme? What language are we speaking here? And the difference between an energy utility and an energy services business is what, exactly?

The business of these people is to obfuscate, not communicate. So why hire a journalist? To ‘embed Centrica’s growth story’. Obviously.
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  1. upstream investment
    Operations stages in the oil and gas industry that involve exploration and production.
    energy services business
    “An energy service company (acronym: ESCO or ESCo) is a commercial business providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply and risk management.” (Wiki)
    In short, they phone you in the middle of your supper to sell you insulation and/or an over-priced service contract for your boiler.
    “embed Centrica’s growth story”
    Buy the hacks lunch and keep them talking until they’re too drunk/too late to do anything but run the gush-gush press release verbatim.
    You couldn’t put all that into English – the natives would spot it.

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