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Linda’s being very Brava once again

The world’s favourite Finnish violinist is, I’m glad to report, back on the boards. Linda Lampenius, renamed Brava when she stripped bare for Playboy, is playing with the Irish choral group Anuna and preparing a release of Christmas songs.

Interviewed in the Irish Metro Herald, she complains that the media went negative on her ‘when I started doing things considered inappropriate for a serious classical musician – like modelling, acting and playing pop/rock’. Not to mention getting naked for Playboy and its legion of grubby retards.

I have, as it happens, great sympathy for Linda and have fought her corner more than once. A former orchestral player, she was the victim of cruel exploitation by salacious elements in the music industry and she has worked very hard to get back on her feet and find a career in entertainment. She was recently a judge on Finland’s X Factor contest.

My Finnish is not up to much but I guess she was required, as X Factor judges are the world over, to dish out some fairly harsh stuff to the hapless contenders. In other words, she can give as good as she got.

It was not the media that derailed Ms Brava. Rather, it was her own naive decisions and the callousness of her managers. She needs to put the blame where it belongs.

Still, I’m delighted she’s back on form and I look forward to her Christmas release. 

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  1. Great news! I was a fan of hers when she worked with EMI Classics and enjoyed her classical album very much – unfortunately it went missing years ago.
    In 2007 a friend of mine took me to one of those Celtic Origins concerts in Los Angeles and I was stunned when I realised Linda was performing that night as well! Her playing was so delicate and beautiful and I remember thinking how extraordinary sensitive she is as an artist. And still, Playboy and Baywatch seem to be her biggest claim of fame.
    I will most certainly try to make it to Dublin this Friday!

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