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The Kaiser’s not waltzing

Coming up tonight on The Lebrecht Interview on BBC Radio 3 is Michael Kaiser, in very sober mood. Known as Mr Fix-it, or the Turnaround King, for his record in hauling back arts orgs from the brink of bankruptcy, Kaiser - presently chief of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC - surveys the post-crash arts landscape and comes up with few new solutions. A lot of companies will go to the wall, he says. Tune in to hear which, and why. And how Michael Kaiser ticks. … [Read more...]

Goodnight to the dodos

There are few heroes in classical music publishing, a musty world of well-meaning mugwumps and would-be minor villains. Not enough profit, I guess, to attract screen heroes. David Drew, who has died aged 78, was the industry's Humphrey Bogart. In 17 years as head of contemporary music at Boosey & Hawkes (1975-92), he stood for nothing but the truth: the music he believed in. By an unrelenting banging of his head against the wall, he brought a measure of fame and reward to a dozen … [Read more...]

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