Delay in posting comments

I’m going to be busy at Bowling Green State University — where my wife and I will be in residence — for the rest of this week. So I might not have time to post the comments some of you might make to my blog posts. But I’ll get to them Monday for sure. Which means that I want you to fire off all the comments you like. I love reading them, and they often lead to lively discussions. Just be patient with me till I approve the comments, and they appear on the site. (I have to approve every comment, because an amazing number of spam comments show up, and have to be blocked.)

My wonderful wife, for those who might not know, is Anne Midgette, who writes about classical music for The New York Times. We’ll be speaking on public panels at Bowling Green, and showing up at music and journalism classes. There will also be performances of my music. For details, go to my  blog post about this visit, or to the page about Anne and me on Bowling Green’s website.

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  1. Tom Frank says

    Hey Greg, It was really cool of you to sit in our Symph. Lit Class, I was the dude talking about the Steel Drums/New Instruments. Looking forward to your comments on the weekend you spent here in BG.


    Tom Frank

    Thanks, Tom. I loved my visit to your class, not to mention everything else Anne and I did at Bowling Green. I’ll put something on the blog later this week.