We Get Tips: Chubbies Shorts Facts

John+Lennon+John The Facts – Chubbies Shorts:


  • Chubbies are the best shorts ever. (Note: this is not “Opinion 1″, this is “Fact 1″)
  • Chubbies may or may not be made with lightning.   Yes, lightning like the electric, molten-hot s*** that comes from the skies.
  • Any sexual relations you have after purchasing a pair of Chubbies are DIRECTLY because of said Chubbies. Nothing else. Don’t kid yourself.
  • Chubbies most likely make you at least 4.2x faster (Obviously because of their aerodynamics. Can’t argue with science.) …

David Thomson on Hard Day’s Night:

“Fuck” was not said yet, but it was there between the lines. 

(He does know that Lennon appeared in Lester’s How I Won the War, right?)

Ethan Hawe’s Black Album (from Boyhood rdio playlist, full points for “Let Me Roll It”):

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