Other Matters: Two Things


Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 10.53.04 PM

Seattle beat San Francisco and goes to the Super Bowl to play Denver (to puzzled readers outside the US—It’s football. This is a big deal, like the World Cup).


So far, we don’t have snow, but we have beautiful January sunsets. That’s Mount Adams just above the rose arch, through the apricot tree.

Sunset, January 2014

It was a good day in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. says

    Being a Giants baseball fan does not mean rooting for the 49’ers, which I did in the last Super Bowl. Guess it was a matter of Carroll over Harbaugh. Beautiful sunset, and lucky you, zero snow. We have already passed the normal snowfall here, and are about to get our 2nd wave of below-zero temps. We are not in Alaska or Canada, but east central Midwest, right by lake Micigan.

    Being an old NFL guy: Seahwaks in the SB!

  2. Don Conner says

    Being from New England, I can’t share your enthusiasm. I wonder what the soccer fans will think about the teams now waiting to play in Jersey. Perhaps Christie will find a way politicize the Super Bowl. I share your lovely scenery. All we see out the window is snow, ice and a varmit or two.