Odds And Ends: L.A. And New York

Every time I return to Los Angeles, I am reminded why my years living there were often surprisingly interesting in small ways. Somewhere in the accompanying postcard photograph is Moorpark Street in the Studio City section. Among Studio City’s 35,000 residents are show business figures, and among its businesses are the kinds that help give L.A. its cultural flavor.

Studio City

On one side of one block of Moorpark between Tujunga and Kraft avenues, these are these businesses nestled cheek by jowl:

Data + Imagination
Pretty Tanning & Bodywork (Massages $40/Hr)
Hair Razing (Cuts For Men And Women)
Bodies In Balance
Starlite Cantina And Sports Bar
The Best Cactus Tacos

I passed the opportunity to have my first cactus taco. I wonder if the advantage over ordinary tacos is that the cactus variety comes with built-in toothpicks.

New York’s Jazz And Colors mass musicale took place yesterday in Central Park. If you’ve been wondering how it went, go to The New York Times for a report by Ben Ratliff. “The point of Jazz and Colors seems basically sensory: Hear jazz, feel autumn,” he writes. Mr. Ratliff works his way into the coverage by comparing the event with a longstanding Dutch festival and tour. His piece includes a slide show.

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