Other Matters: If It’s Not One Thing…

Tech-Gremlin-2…it’s another; in this case that pesky gremlin. Rifftides finally banished him after two weeks of intermittent computer attacks, so he moved on to disrupt power to the western data center that provides the energy artsjournal.com blogs need to get on the internet. Rifftides was out of business for several hours today and inaccessible to thousands of readers. The hosts have it fixed. (Fingers crossed.)

Most of my thinking about gremlins lately has been confined to cursing them, but it occurred to me that there might be gremlin music. Sure enough, there is. It’s by the prolific film composer Jerry Goldsmith for a movie called—what else?—Gremlins. Here, a suite from the score is played by the Tenerife (Spain) Film Orchestra, conducted by Mark Snow.

It turns out that since 2007 Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, has hosted an important film festival.

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