Other Places: Wilke To The World

It seemed for a few years that jazz on the radio was doomed to isolation on niche FM stations with weak signals and short wavelengths. As rock, pop, rap and hip-hop shouldered aside the attraction of jazz for mass audiences, the music all but disappeared from AM radio.

Then, the internet made it possible for radio stations to stream their programming around the globe. Jim Wilke, whose Jazz Northwest programs we sometimes tell you about Jim Wilkein advance, is a veteran jazz broadcaster who long ago took to the air via satellite and reaches a huge international audience with Jazz After Hours. Erik Lacitis of The Seattle Times recently profiled Wilke. His story includes a little about Wilke’s modus operandi and a lot about the impact of his work on listeners in all parts of the US as well as in Tunis, Ankara and Paris, among other places. Lacitis takes us on a visit to the studio in Wilke’s house.

It is in this basement that Wilke — in a voice variously described as “butter smooth” and “sonorous” — records shows that run Friday and Saturday nights around the country on 70 radio stations, and with the Internet, throughout the world.

To read the whole thing, go here. For more about Wilke, including links to many of the stations that carry his show, visit the Jazz After Hours website.

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  1. Michael Deane says

    Geez – hate to appear ignorant but how does one actually LISTEN to Mr. Wilke? I’ve gone to his site but no links to his on the air stuff….

    • Doug Ramsey says

      This link to Wilke’s Jazz After Hours site should take you to his Stations page, but I discovered this morning that the list of stations has disappeared. I’ve notified Jim and hope that he can get it fixed soon. In the meantime, go to KPLU-FM’s website page with their schedule for the program. By going to the KPLU site at the scheduled time and clicking on “Listen Live,” you should get it.

      • Doug Ramsey says

        Jim Wilke replies:

        “I just checked the website and noted the missing station list…. apparently it’s related to the link to dar.fm on that page and elsewhere on my website. The page loaded up to the point where that link appeared and then searched for it. After about a minute the rest of page with the list of stations appeared without the link. The same is true for other pages containing that dar.fm link.

        I’m thinking something has happened to that website which allowed listeners to record radio programs for later listening. Perhaps they’ve run into some legal problems. I haven’t heard anything from them or elsewhere relating to this so it apparently just happened. I can’t connect to their website directly either.

        You can tell your readers looking for the station list to be patient, it will load in a minute or so. (It works best if you leave the room for a minute or two!) I may have to remove that link if that’s what is indeed holding up the page. Very strange…..”

        • says

          I’ve learned the dar.fm website is down for maintenance and an upgrade. It’ll be back on Jan 1. In the meantime we’ve removed the dar.fm widget to allow our stations and playlist pages to be displayed in the normal fashion.

  2. Dick McGarvin says

    DAR.fm is offline for maintenance and upgrading, and won’t be back until Jan 1.

    I listen to Jim’s Jazz After Hours show often using dar.fm and because I’m registered with them, I received the following email notice a couple days ago.

    “Just a reminder: DAR.fm is planning a maintenance upgrade to improve our systems and offer faster service. DAR.fm will be unavailable from Friday, Dec. 28 to Monday, Dec. 31 – you will not be able to record or play any shows during this time. Recording and playback will be restored by Tuesday, Jan. 1. We appreciate your support of DAR.fm and apologize for any inconvenience.”

  3. Brooke says

    Having had the good fortune to grow up in San Francisco …one of my favorite things to do with my dad from when I was little well into my teens was to tune into “Jazzbo’s” show on KCSM …I think it was Saturday nights? I LOVED his theme song, his selections, and his voice! I’m a proud supporter of our local KMHD here in Portland and I hope jazz radio lives on for my children to share with theirs!