Cycling Shot

This is from the top of one of the long, steep hills on today’s cycling expedition with friend Dave. Looking west, we see the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the distance.

While the Rifftides staff tackles a couple of deadline assignments, blogging will be intermittent, with entries squeezed in as time allows.

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  1. says

    This splendid road could be one on which I, as an 18-year-old army Pfc, drove a two-and-a-half-ton 6X6 truck pulling a 105 mm howitzer to and from maneuvers in the Yakima Valley in the spring of 1948.

  2. says

    Looks like home to me! I was born in Othello, north of you, and spent many summers there with my maternal grandparents. My grandfather loved to drive around that country, exploring. We even went over to see them building the Grand Coulee Dam.

  3. SeptemberintheRain says

    I envy you looking at that picture. I’ve cycled a lot in upstate N.Y., but that’s not the same panorama. Last year I cycled around Lake Garda in Italy, tough job being already 39, but the vista was downright stunning all the time. Gee, gratifications. Next time my best friend and I will try the Pyrenees.