Lagniappe*: Stan Getz

Stan Getz with Eddy Louis, organ; Renè Thomas, guitar; Bernard Lubat, drums, from a 1971 French television program. The piece is “Dum Dum.” Getz’s tone led John Coltrane to say of him, “We’d all sound like that if we could.”

“Dum Dum” is included on Getz’s Dynasty, which Verve Records has dropped from its catalog. The album is on its way to becoming a collectors item.

*la·gniappe (lan-yap), noun

Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Southeast Texas . 1.a small gift to a customer by way of compliment or for good measure; bonus. 2.a gratuity or tip. unexpected or indirect benefit.

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  1. David says

    Two of the tunes from” Dynasty” also appear on “With European Friends” but those versions are inferior both musically and sonically. I’d suggest skipping that one, but “Dynasty” is worth paying up for.

  2. Dr. Mike Baughan says

    Thanks Doug for the Getz lagniappe. Seems that the only Dum Dum is Verve…..and that’s no Fan Yap! (Sorry for that one.)

  3. Ken Dryden says

    Doug, thanks for sharing this clip. Verve reissued Dynasty as a 2 CD set with a total of ten tracks in 1991, then deleted it. The reissued it again in 2009 with a different cover as a single CD with 9 tracks, dropping “I Remember Clifford.” Here’s a link where copies of both editions can be found.