Reilly, Chopin And Strayhorn

Recently, I came across this quote:

Jack Reilly’s music is singular, almost private, and yet it reaches beyond his personal vision. This is music that speaks to the colllective spirit of all mankind – Bill Charlap

That led to a search that turned up video of Reilly in a performance that melds Chopin and Strayhorn. His subtle key changes are central to the fun and fascination.


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  1. wilkins says

    I thought I heard Debussy and Poulenc, and he finished with a nod to Fauré, too.

  2. Jeff Bell-Hanson says

    As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Jack several times over the last two decades, mostly doing his compositions, I would add some other composers to that list – including the likes of Anton Webern.
    The amazing thing is the way he can make that transition from a comfortable harmonic convention to the outer limits of tonality and beyond with such apparent ease. But then Jack has had, as a central preoccupation for a number of years, finding ways to meld genres and traditions, including fascinating explorations of philosophy and science. The cut in this video is only a tame example of what I have heard him do.
    I’m glad to see more attention paid to this prodigious musical intellect.
    (Jeffrey Bell-Hanson is an associate professor of music at Pacific Lutheran University and conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra. — DR)