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My work for The Barnes & Noble Review (see this interview with its editor) is being syndicated to Salon, which came as a surprise since it's been a dozen years or more since I published anything there. Today they are running the piece on Punching Out by Paul Clemens, which I couldn't very well write about without mentioning Marty Glaberman. Some of his writings are available here.

The search engine at Salon is well-nigh useless, so it's not clear how many other things I've written for B&NR have ended up there. In any case, they did carry this review of Eric Foner's book on Lincoln and slavery.

Both of these pieces ended up having a certain Johnsonite spin. ("J.R. Johnson" was C.L.R. James's most-used Trotskyist pseudonym, and Marty proudly called himself "an unreconstructed Johnsonite.") This is surprising. I'm reasonably certain that the editors did not see Punching Out and think, "Hey, let's give this to a reviewer who knew someone who wrote a pamphlet by the same title!" Just synchronicity, I suppose. 
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