Hot Damn!

Must fight ironic expression of enthusiasm....Must fight ironic expression of enthusiasm...Oh, hell. I give up

On November 10, the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) will be released. Beginning on that day, everything that people think is possible, and impossible, will come under radical challenge.
Well of course it will! 

Arguably a much better use of anyone's time is the discussion of Alain Badiou that is ongoing at Kasama. Let me also take this opportunity to point out that Verso Books has undertaken a major redesign of its website, with a blog as well as a forum in which readers can discuss Verso titles.

I am genuinely enthusiastic about Verso, and always read Kasama with great interest (despite not being, you know, a Maoist). As for taking a long march down the shining path of Chairman Bob Thought, not so much.

See also this review of a recent book on French Maoism, which I wish had been better.
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Speculation on numerological overtones of manifesto's pub date removed, pending realization that this was totally misguided.

I've got the flu and probably shouldn't be operating a keyboard, let alone heavy machinery.

Mao-Maoing the Caché Flâneurs?
(to be paired up with Radical Sheik?)

via wood_s_lot, Badiou on Beckett:

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