Have You Read "Sein und Zeit"?

There are some pages in Bourdieu that would apply to the following dialogue very well, but I can't help feeling like they would be redundant.

Besides, this has a swearing rabbit, or puppy, or whatever it is. Commentary pales before the primary text.

A nod to Adam and Anthony, who'd just, you know, do the #*?%@! reading....

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It's been more than 20 years since I was in grad school reading Derrida, but I think I said something very similar when I took the exit door from academia: "I must be an excellent reader of my big fucking dictionary if I'm ever to get out of this Ph.D. alive."

It was either that or "I don't read fucking German" -- I'm no longer sure.

I suspect this video will spawn a catchphrase or two in certain circles. This post has had a good bit of traffic, by the way, thanks to a link at the Boston Globe's blog Braniac.

I laughed so hard at this, even my Dasein aches now!

And I do read fucking German. (and even took a grad course dedicated to reading Sein und Zeit cover-to-cover).

Maybe that's why.....

Damn Germans! ;)

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