Not the Marrying Kind

Now, look, I don't want to seem to be missing the point -- and, just to be clear on this, am fully in support of equal marriage rights. Getting gay marriage on the books in DC is a real possibility in the months ahead. I'm on board for that, and ready for the right-wing shitstorm bound to break if it happens.
But doesn't this item, about Annie Leibovitz's problem with mortgage debt, rest on a fairly dubious assumption? It is by no means obvious that she and Sontag would have tied the knot.

To judge by her recently published diaries, Sontag ever getting married again -- to anyone -- is a scenario only slightly more probable than one in which she developed a taste for spending her Saturday afternoons watching NASCAR.*

(Maybe she'd have wedded AL on her deathbed? Except Sontag would never have recognized it as her deathbed.)

See also: Laura Elkin's review of Reborn.

          * I like to picture her wearing a trucker hat while doing this.
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Are you misspelling "Leibovitz" intentionally?

Good lord, no. I've fixed it. Thanks for pointing this out. And to think my main concern was getting the "i" and the "e" in her name in the right order.

The comments thread amazed me -- and also the fact that these two, who are smart, had not figured out a way around this. I disagree with that law professor, although I of course don't know NY law. But I am betting there would have been some way to at least mitigate this.

There has to be a way around this. I don't understand the big hangup with marriage rights anyway. It's just a piece of paper for two people who want equal rights.

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