Maybe It's the Lack of a Solo Break That Really Bothers Me

For years I have heard of a cover version of the Led Zeppelin song
"Whole Lotta Love" performed by a band called the Temple City Kazoo

Someone has posted it to YouTube:

The whole thing sounded a lot better in my imagination, somehow.

April 2, 2008 3:46 PM | | Comments (2)



I realize that happy, communitarian, technical ineptitude is part of the dadaist joke here -- see, for example, the Really Terrible Orchestra. But the problem is an inherent weakness of the kazoo. It seems unable to produce a deep enough sound to qualify as a blues bass line. So the kazooists all sound, more or less, in the same range, becoming a buzzy jumble that's neither particularly amusing nor particularly revelatory. The rattle on my blender when the lid is loose -- when I turn it on and off in the right rhythm -- would produce something of the same result with far less effort.

The horse is beat, but still this is good for 29 seconds:

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