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September 24, 2007

No Energy Crisis in 1978

Starting off Monday a little under the weather -- a bad thing, given how much work there is to do this week. So for an infusion of raw power, it's time to shift from all the skinhead reggae I've been listening to lately (man, those Trojan boxed sets are addictive as well as cheap) to the Clash.

It seems like a natural progression -- and what better way to charge the batteries than "Tommy Gun"?

From the Wikipedia entry about it:

Joe Strummer said that he got the idea for the song when he was thinking about terrorists, and how they probably enjoy reading about their killings as much as movie stars like seeing their films reviewed. While Topper Headon mimics the sound of gangster movie shootings with quick snare hits and the guitars are full of distortion and feedback, Strummer's sarcastic lyrics (I'm cutting out your picture from page one/I'm gonna get a jacket just like yours/And give my false support to your cause/Whatever you want, you're gonna get it!) condemn rather than condone violence....

In the liner notes of the recently released Singles Box, Carl Barat (frontman of the Dirty Pretty Things and formerly of The Libertines) says [the song is] 'a product of the volatile climate of the late seventies - all those references to terrorist organizations like Baader-Meinhof and The Red Brigade. It's like a punk rock adaptation of The Beatles' "Revolution."

Well, sure, always historicize. But I'm playing it for the charge -- not the context.

Posted by smclemee at September 24, 2007 3:55 PM


Nice one!

Posted by: Joshua Glenn at September 25, 2007 9:50 AM