On This Point Additional Correction Will Not Be Necessary

More or less as predicted, I have now been informed, more than once, that the title of the piece at Crooked Timber last night, "Who Will Defend the Children of Priviledge?" (also here, below) contains an error. It seems that the last word should actually be spelled "privilege."

Of course, it was reasonable to assume that anyone who read the item in question would get the point. But I did know better than to assume, and so was not surprised.

Still, it is a little disappointing to see that the spelling in the title was normalized when the Guardian linked to it at the "Best of the Web" feature of their Comment is Free page (it might be gone by the time you look)..

Last night I read and in some cases responded to comments on the post. Now I'll ignore the crosstalk for a while. Once you've had your say and listened for a bit, it can be a good idea to move on to other things. Anyone expecting to have the last word in this format is bound to get an ulcer.

UPDATE: Also picked up by (very glad to see it) Ezra Klein and (this seemed hard to believe) Wonkette.

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