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June 28, 2007

The Key to All Mythologies

Liberal Fascism, the forthcoming opus by Jonah Goldberg, has undergone a subtitle change, as perhaps you have heard.

Formerly it warned of "The Totalitarian Temptation From Mussolini to Hillary Clinton." Said temptation will now run "...From Hegel to Whole Foods."

The delays in publication have no doubt been necessary given the burdens of fresh scholarship demanded by this broadening of scope.

The pub date at Amazon is December 26, which is not the part of the season when trade publishers bring out books they are going to push very hard. Somebody at Doubleday probably had the same thought recently expressed elsewhere:

I assume Frederick Kagan, Bradley Schlotzman, and Jonah's mom are already getting complementary copies; Dinesh von Souza will probably do his patriotic duty; which leaves - ? A mule train a half-mile long will have to be rounded up to ship the remainder of the edition to the respectively vice-presidential and presidential libraries of Dan Quayle and George W Bush, where they will serve to fill out the echoing bookshelves and glut the hungry silverfish.

Hint to Goldberg: Make it a little more "campaign friendly." That's where dropping Hillary from the subtitle is probably going to hurt you some. How about "The Totalitarian Temptation from Dialectics to the Democratic Candidates"? Plus you'd get that extra alliteration -- a real bonus, catchiness-wise.

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Posted by smclemee at June 28, 2007 6:39 AM


I kind of like "Hegel to Whole Foods." It has a ring. www.literaryrejections.blogspot.com

Posted by: Writer, Rejected at June 28, 2007 11:23 AM

I've been familiar with your blog for just a few minutes, and not only did you get to the heart of the Britannica hypocrisy and thunk Gorman on the head in the same breath, but in this post you made a Middlemarch reference. Ok then!

Posted by: K.G. Schneider at June 28, 2007 2:56 PM

Glad you've found your way here, K.G. Actually my column yesterday had the title "Casaubon on Viagra," so the title of this entry was sort of an ultra-inside joke, for the six people out there who follow my stuff.

"Free Range Librarian" is a fantastic name for a blog, by the way. You will be on the blogroll here just as soon as I get around to an update....

Posted by: Scott McLemee at June 28, 2007 3:08 PM

I was trying to describe what was making me laugh, and when I said something about "Middlemarch," I was asked, isn't that the book about the transsexual? ::g::

Posted by: K.G. Schneider at June 28, 2007 9:14 PM